Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Last Great Victory

When once the last great victory — the victory over Self — is won, and we surrender ourselves wholly to the love and service of Truth, then will the heavens open to us as to Jesus, within, above, and all around, and everything that is dovelike and tender will symbolize the Invisible, and in our inmost being will come a voice, beyond the power of mortal ear to hear, hailing us children of the Highest.

William Henry Furness (born April 20, 1802)

Christian Freedom

I entirely mistake the meaning of Christianity, if, so far from discountenancing, it does not demand perfect freedom of thought, and enjoin it as a sacred duty that, holding fast to that which is good, we prove all things. It breathes,, in the words of the great Apostle, 'not the spirit of fear, but of love, and power, and a sound mind.'

William Henry Furness (born April 20, 1802)

The Habitual Sense of Immortality

It is good for us to be brought under the habitual sense of immortality of all that we sum up in the word Heaven, as the kingdom of God, a realm of life in which His Spirit rules — not for lure or threat, but that our true nature may take its independent course in the simple faith that God is the instinct of our souls. The one right use of our faith in immortality is neither as bribe nor as menace, but simply to free us from all disturbance about the consequences of righteous action, to give us strength to look singly at the quality of our life^ not at all at its results. It is good for us to be wherever we may grow in this simple confidence in God and in goodness, and in whatever is involved in their eternity; to regard death as the day of our birth into a world where we shall enjoy and learn as we have affections, capacities, desires, habits of being, which will place us in fellowship with the light and love which alone have free course there; or where we shall suffer and learn as we have passions, habits, and desires which find not their home with God, in righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

John Hamilton Thom (1808-1894)

William Henry Furness (1802-1896)

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