Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Think of Yourself Nobly

Believe that you are a child of God, placed here amid these natural and social relations that you may perfect yourself in mind and heart and character, both for your own and others' sake, and to fit yourself for your ultimate heritage of immortality. Do this, and your life will acquire dignity, character, and peace. But, if you think meanly of yourself, you will almost inevitably become ignoble and unhappy. Remember, it is looking downward that makes one dizzy. Look up, and your brain clears, your heart grows calm, and strength comes to you for every task and every emergency. Think of yourself, therefore, nobly, and you will live nobly. You will realize on earth that type of character and faith which is the highest ideal alike of philosopher and hero and saint.

Charles W. Wendte (1844-1931)

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