Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Village Church

The influence of the church on the village—imagine it in all its fullness: how that unusual and symbolically inspiring building itself affects a simple man, and especially a child. ... The villagers see themselves in the church altogether, from the mayor down to the last cottager, and they all belong to one body. Here the young people meet, the lovers in their best attire. In church people listen to music, often good music, and they sing with unity of minds. The statues, pictures, and incense, the ritual, and the individual ceremonies—it is like a theatre, it is a drama, and at the same time a great symbol and stimulus to thought. The sermon is an example of rhetoric, discussion, and argument, in how to develop some given theme. How many pleasant impressions there are! What a feast for the senses and for the soul!

Tomáš G. Masaryk (born March 7, 1850)

A Close Working Partnership with Nature

I love humanity, which has been a constant delight to me during all my seventy-seven years of life; and I love flowers, trees, animals, and all the works of Nature as they pass before us in time and space. What a joy life is when you have made a close working partnership with Nature, helping her to produce for the benefit of mankind new forms, colors, and perfumes in flowers which were never known before; fruits in form, size, and flavor never before seen on this globe; and grains of enormously increased productiveness, whose fat kernels are filled with more and better nourishment, a veritable storehouse of perfect food—new food for all the world's untold millions for all time to come.

Luther Burbank (born March 7, 1849)

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